Best Strategies for Planning to Appear in CSS-Pakistan


Appearing in central superior services exam (CSS) in not a cup of tea for every person. Think thrice before going for this milestone. You must be filled with passion, determination, dedication, knowledge and spirit of hard-work. The craze among the Pakistani students to appear for the CSS exam is due to the status of bureaucracy  who are serving the nation at the top most positions in the government of Pakistan.

Best strategy for achieving this milestone is to keep your long-term goal of CSS in mind when you select subjects for your graduation course. You should prefer those subjects that would in some way help you in your CSS attempt once you are done with graduation.

Apart from subjects’ selection, focusing on CSS during graduation demands that you obtain a strong educational base as it is a key factor for success in CSS. If you possess a good degree from any prestigious institution, it would  not only help you in future job prospects but would also contribute a lot in your preparation for CSS.

During your graduation, you need to work on developing good academic habits which prove crucial at preparatory stage of CSS. You should imprint a habit of reading textbooks. Especially select those books that are part of a successful series, for these books have established their worth and homage in academia.

Having a strong vocabulary is an essential prerequisite of success in CSS. There are different techniques for improvement of vocabulary. One, of course, is studying good newspapers, periodicals as well as watching foreign news channels and some motivational lectures from YouTube, those having excellent communication skills. Another effective way is writing a daily diary. It helps you make a habit of using in your scripts the words you study.

CSS is not only about having excellent command over English language. Rather it means how good the analytical approach a person has? Whether the candidate has some managerial skills in CSS candidates? Either the individual has the ability to handle the pressure? The degree to make correct decisions with unfavorable conditions? How to influence people with arguments based on facts and figures? How to take a decision as a leader? These all characteristics are supposed to be a part of the candidate’s personality along with embedded norms of his/her own family culture.

Try to cover topics from Masters’ books. The good source of preparation is FPSC recommended books. Whether you are preparing for a topic or for a subject just Google it by typing the title or head of your desired topic and write Google Scholarly at the end, you will be provided a lot of research papers in pdf format. Download them and start reading them.

Moreover, keep one thing in mind, the CSS exam doesn’t require hours of study and quantity of material you put while attempting papers. It is all about your knowledge, hard-work and quality you write in your own unique style. Make your own notes for preparation which will ease at the time of revision.