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As the Blog name “Tutortutees” referring Tutor (Teacher) & Tutees (Students); relationship of both for gaining knowledge, sharing & guidelines. All one can do for another is to give him one’s own experience in order to help him to be successful.

Blogs main segment is about the articles writing as information encyclopedia like definition or true spirit understanding of that particular topic.

This blog is also a platform for free consultancy open for all for facilitating the students & communities to help regarding their studies & future career according to their interest, scope and academics. (Author also served career adviser at hamariweb.com)

Finally, through this blog Author would like to express his own thoughts, experiences & inspirations in the form of  posts in different sort of categories.

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Basic academics are B.Sc (Math) & MBA(IT) further attains different diploma’s & courses from (PBTE, ICMAP, UET-Lahore), Certified HR Professional from NUST & Islamic Studies Course from International Islamic University Islamabad.

Have writing skills include compilation of any topic covering all aspects in such a way that is clearly understood by the reader logically. Author has versatile skills to share his thought, knowledge & vast experience more than 20 years in the diversification of fields like (Administration, Teaching, Consultancy (Education & Career), Finance, Information Technology and Islam.